Bakhira Moti Jheel:

It is very peaceful and beautiful place of Sant Kabir Nagar. It is famous as mini Dall Jheel of UP. The Bakhira Bird Sanctuary is the largest natural flood plain wetland of India in Sant Kabir Nagar district of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The sanctuary was established in 1980. It is situated 44 km west of Gorakhpur city. It is a vast stretch of water body expanding over an area of 29 km. This is an important lake of eastern UP, which provides a wintering and staging ground for a number of migratory waterfowls and a breeding ground for resident birds.

Belhar Forest Place:

Forests are essential for life on earth. Three hundred million people worldwide live in forests and 1.6 billion depend on them for their livelihoods. Forests also provide habitat for a vast array of plants and animals, many of which are still undiscovered. They protect our watersheds. They inspire wonder and provide places for recreation. They supply the oxygen we need to survive. They provide the timber for products we use every day. In Belhar Jungle many kinds animal lives like that Monkey, Dear, Barahsingha, Peacock, NeelGai, Panther, Azagar (Paython) etc.